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The Old Guard
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My name is Masota, founder of The Old Guard. For those on this server who knew us from 2007, this Kinship has been inactive off and on for 2009, yet however dormant, was still under leadership by its long-standing members with no intent to disband. I am posting to let you know that our original Kinship has been USURPED by involuntary force, officers removed, and all previous members kicked. It has come to my attention that despite the course of events, there are still applicants looking to join this website. If you are being recruited into The Old Guard as of January 2010 or considering joining ToG in-game, this pertains to you: can no longer support you under ToG's new leadership. Any new actions to The Old Guard name, is the sole responsibility of its new leader, Cellorian/Mintleaf.

From our first group at the Great Barrows instance on game launch, to playing instruments in melody at 5-man concerts in Bree, our horse races from the Shire to Prancing Pony, the indispensible game knowledge from Officer Slyvir and event planning from Juniperberry (thanks Fat Smokin Hobbits), into a possible raiding group with the help of The Crescent Order. (Puk I appreciate your alliance.) At one point with 100 members strong, so many people have helped make ToG a great home with a lot of hard work and fun times, this message is for you - we'll never forget! Thank you so much for making it enjoyable. I continue to think of you from time to time and wherever you are now I always wish you well! If you would like to maintain a friendship with any of the original ToG please contact Freedo, who is considering a new Kinship.

Lastly I will say in all fairness of the USURP system that I sincerely hope ToG's new leadership will attempt to make good things happen for the Kin. The rest of this website will be left in its original state.


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Visitors who wish to know more about us before joining, click HERE.
Existing Guildportal users who are logged in, apply directly to The Old Guard
In-Game Members without a Guildportal account, follow instructions HERE.
For Associate Access to view additional forums without being a member, apply HERE.

Further Information
Please see regarding:

  • New Kin for former, longstanding TOG members.
  • The new Kinship house at 1 High Road, Durrow.
  • History of the usurpation of The Old Guard.
      -- Freedo


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      Kinship News

      New TOG Logo/Seal

      Masota, Apr 23, 08 10:55 PM.

      Thanks to Glorindale for finding a cool website that creates seals, we now have a new Seal/Logo which anyone can use if they wish. Here are the links in different sizes:

      Tog Seal small:

      TOG Seal smaller:

      TOG Seal smallest:

                               TOG Seal small

      Last Chance for a House in Durrow!!

      Masota, Apr 17, 08 4:59 PM.

      Time Sensitive Announcement!

      This is a Patch note from Book 13:

      Of Special Note:

      • The launcher got a new skin!
      • When housing upkeep is overdue, instead of foreclosing on your personal or kinship house, we "lock" the house. While your house is locked, you are denied the benefits of home ownership, including entry, access to storage, decorations, travel skill, and vendor discounts. However, your house and all the items it contains will be held for you indefinitely. You can unlock your house at any time by paying a restoral fee via the housing maintenance

      What does this mean for Kin Members?

      If you really think that having a house in the same neighborhood as the Kin Hall is important to you, the TIME TO ACT IS NOW!! You have 2 weeks.

      When patch 13 goes live, basically everyone's house becomes "bound" to them.

      New Officers

      Masota, Mar 3, 08 3:50 PM.
      The following members have been promoted to Officership:

      Ceori - Recruitment Officer
      Nid - Guide Program Officer
      Cwenethel - Raid Officer
      Hyacia - Raid Officer

      You can find the full listing of Officers on the Ranks & Roster page.

      Please help us in advancing our Kinship's overall progress. Officers would like to hear from you!

      Positions still open: Events Officer

      Kinship House has been Purchased!

      Masota, Dec 1, 07 4:41 AM.
      Just in time for the holiday season! We now have our very own Kin Hall to call home. I want to thank all of our members for the hard work in sending TOGBank all of your donations to help fund this purchase. If you have sent the Kinbank even a single donation since late August of 2007, then you can feel proud to know you have helped buy the Kin Hall! Thank you very much, this is a monumental step in making our Kinship a solid foundation to rely on for a long time to come.  

      Racial: Man
      Homestead: Bree
      Neighborhood: Durrow
      Address: 8 Long Street   

      Second Breakfast Meet & Greet & Photo Follow-Up

      Masota, Sep 14, 07 8:07 PM.
      The Old Guard welcomes you to our innaugural event, Second Breakfast Meet & Greet & Photo!!

      Come meet your Kinsfolk while we pass out cooked foods, have drinks, do some ever poular emotes and gather for our first group photo. 

      WHAT: Meet & Greet
      WHEN: Friday September 21st
      WHERE: Shire, Methel-stage in Bywater
      TIME: 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern
      Duration: 1 hour 
      There are no upcoming events.
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